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How to Charge Mobile without Electricity ?

Have you ever thought how to charge mobile without electricity ? If not then this article of today is going to be full of information for you.

We all know that except for our mobile phone, we cannot live for a single moment. This means that we have become completely dependent on our mobile phone.


Generally, we would easily recharge the phone in our homes by putting it in an electric plug or with the help of wall chargers adapters.

But what if you are away from home or are stuck in some place where there is no electricity facility.

Therefore today we will introduce you through some such methods, using which you can easily recharge mobile without electricity. Then let’s start.

How to Charge a Phone without Electricity

Here, I will give you information about some such easy and easy ways that you can recharge your mobile phone or any other gadgets battery even in odd circumstances.

1. Use Power Bank


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Power Bank or also known as Portable battery pack, is a tremendous tool for daily use which is mainly used to charge the battery of your Smart Phone.

In such places, where we need to charge our mobile phone, a power bank is very useful in such places.

Nowadays Power Bank has started to support both outputs current which are required for regular charging (1A) and fast charging (2.1A typically).

Generally speaking, this power bank has a capacity of 10,000 / 10,400mAh, 12,000mAh, 14,000mAh, 20,000mAh, which is enough to charge a Smart Phone 3 to 4 times.

With this, your mobile phone can easily be charged for 2 to 3 days without any electricity.

2. Use Solar Charger

You can use Solar Powered Battery Charger in the most comfortable way and everywhere to charge your mobile phone.

I am saying this because Surya Kiran or Solar energy is an renewable free source of energy and can be easily found in almost all places of the world.

You can charge not only your Smart Phone but other devices as well. Not only large solar panels, but also portable solar panel chargers can generate a great amount of energy, which is enough to charge your phone.

At the same time, the best thing is that you get this energy for free, whereas for the other energy you have to pay money.

Solar power chargers are available with and without inbuilt battery packs. But according to me you should take a charger that has an inbuilt backup (solar power banks) so that you can use it later.

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The company of Loom Solar also makes similar outdoor portable solar power which offers you many types of Portable Solar Chargers.

One of his very popular Mobile Charging Product is “Loom Solar 50 watt off-grid solar system for mobile charging”.

This solar energy system has been specially designed for such areas where there is a lot of power problem. In such a situation, this product is going to be very profitable for them.

This dc system generates so much energy that it can provide power easily that you can easily charge a bulb and your mobile overnight for one night.

We have also used this product of Loom Solar by ourselves and recommend you to use it as well.

Their product is so much better that you can use it anywhere, anytime. At the same time, it is very good to charge the phone.

One thing to always remember is that such chargers that depend on solar energy must be charged in clean weather.

3. Use your laptop


If for some reason you do not have a portable charger or power backup (power bank), then you can use your laptop or similar similar electronic gadgets on a power source to charge your SmartPhone. .

Most of us take a laptop with us on our journey, in case, if there is any problem related to Mobile Charge, then we can use our laptop battery.

For this, all you have to do is connect your smartphone with laptop USB for which you can use a compatible cable, while you have to select the charge the phone option.

In such a situation, you see a popup for file sharing in the laptop screen, just cancel it and focus in recharging the mobile battery.

Here to reduce the resource utilization of your laptop such as screen power or OS power draining etc.

you can enter during booting in bios mode, which saves a lot of battery of your laptop. With which you can use this battery in an emergency.

4. Use Car Battery Charger

car mobile charger

Portable car charger or a jump starter is a very important addon equipment that almost all car users use.

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These jump starters are actually big battery packs whose basic purpose is to survive the dead battery of the car.

If you want, you can recharge your car battery or jump-start a dead car with the help of Coin Jump Starters.

At the same time, some multi functional jump starter batteries also have USB ports which you can use to recharge your Smart Phone battery.

Most jump starters or car battery chargers have USB charging ports, so you can use them to recharge your Smart Phone.

This is used because the internal recharging battery of these jump starters stores a lot of power.

These were some of the ways by which you can charge a mobile phone without electricity.

At the same time, I found the Mobile Charge method using solar energy the best and most economical.

How to prevent phone battery from running out soon

Now, since we have understood how we can recharge the mobile phone without electricity. But even more important than that is how we can stop the phone battery from running out soon.

Often this question definitely comes in people’s mind. At the same time, here we will learn about some similar methods that prevent our phone battery from running out soon.

1. Cloudy the Display

Reduce the display brightness of your mobile phone as much as possible. With this you can save a lot of battery.

2. Always keep the phone in a cool place

Do not leave your phone in a place that is very hot, such as inside your car. This is because the phone battery drains quickly in the heat.

Do not keep it inside the fridge as well. Rather keep the phone at room temperature.

3. Use Vibration Mode less

Vibration mode consumes a lot of energy, so use vibration mode as little as possible. You can use Ring Tone Mode instead, it uses less energy.

4. Turn Off Features

There are many such features in a Smartphone that use a large amount of battery.

Such as WIFI, GPS, infrared, AirDrop (iOS) and Bluetooth, turn them all off if you are not using them.

At the same time, any type of animations eats the most battery.

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What did you teach today?

I hope you have liked my article on how to charge mobile without electricity.

How to Charge Mobile without Electricity.

It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how to light a light without electricity.

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